Ultraviolet camera STANDARD PLUS

Ultraviolet camera STANDARD PLUS


Power consumption, VA, – no more than 50

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) – 660*440*450

The internal camera dimensions, mm.: – 660*455*325



Ultraviolet camera STANDARD PLUS thanks to its optimum dimensions is widely used in medical facilities for the storage of sterile instrument before performing different manipulations. Camera has a standard desktop version, but it can also be installed on mobile stand. Its operating area can contain up to five trays with pre-sterilized instrument. Ultraviolet cameras are not designed for sterilization of the instruments, but only to maintain sterility. The camera body is made ​​of high quality metal and is powder coated that enables processing the surface with disinfectant solutions. The maintenance of sterility is carried out by the low pressure lamp with capacity of 15W at the closed camera cover. When using under control, the tool remains sterile for 600 hours. If within 600 hours the tool has not been used, it must be re-sterilized. Additionally, camera can be equipped with an indicating unit of sterility, sensor of turn off the lamp and autonomous power supply.


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