Steam Sterilizer GK-100

Steam Sterilizer GK-100




Steam semi-automatic sterilizer with vacuum drying is cost-effective, simple and easy in use, it is environmental friendly. The sterilizer is used in medical institutions.

It is intended for pressurized water-saturated steam sterilization of medical application devices made of metal, glass, rubber, ligature suture material and textile, steam action on which does not affect their functional properties and for sterilization of solutions corked in glass bottles of rated capacity of 450 cm3 max.

The sterilizer is used in patient care and other medical institutions.


Volume of chamber, dm3  – 100;

Overall Dimensions , mm: (l*d*h) – 1170*605*1465;

Weight, kg, max. – 230.


–        Cost-effective, simple and easy in use;

–        Panels, lid, steam jacket and main units and are made of high-alloy stainless steel

–        The chamber is cylindrical-shaped and in horizontal position;

–        Built-in steam generator;

–        Semi-automaticcontrol;

–        Heating time is not exceeding 30 min.;

–        Preliminary air evacuation from the chamber is made by gravity blowing;

–        Bacterial filter to clean air supplying to the ster. chamber at the stage of pressure equalizing;

–        Service life is 10 years.


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