Phototherapeutic irradiator OFP-02 with changing table

Phototherapeutic irradiator OFP-02 with changing table


Power consumption, VA, – no more than 150

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) – 750*710*1615

Overall dimensions of the table, mm. – 980*770*955

The height of the irradiator can be adjusted from 1615 up to 2105 mm



Phototherapeutic irradiator OFP-02 is designed for the irradiation of the newborn with “blue” rays in the range of wavelengths 420-470 nm. in order to reduce the percentage content of bilirubin in blood. It can be effectively used in maternity hospitals, in the neonatal intensive care units, in children’s outpatient facilities for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Easy to move due to 4 rubberized wheels, two of which are equipped with brakes. The device is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the height of the block of irradiation over the crib. The kit includes a changing table for babies, made ​​of metal profile with the bed out of particleboards.


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