Electric water distiller DE-10М

Electric water distiller DE-10М

Supply voltage – 380V

Power consumption – 7.5+-10% kW

Cold water consumption – 200 l/h

Overall dimensions, mm: (l*d*h) – 330*290*850



Distiller DE -10М is designed for the production of distilled water in medical institutions and laboratories. Performance of the device is 10 l/h. The device consists of a water distiller and electrical board. The work is based on the condensation of the thoroughly separated steam. Tap water enters the evaporator and is heated by heating elements to boiling. Thus formed steam going through a series of separators, falls on the walls of the condenser, which is cooled from the outside with tap water and condensing it flows out in the form of distilled water. For the manufacture of structural elements of the distiller stainless pabular steel is used, that does not react with water oxidation. To prevent burnout of heating coils at falling of water level in the distiller the float switch is provided, which turns off the power of heating coils while reducing a level below the critical value. Water distiller is convenient and reliable in operation.


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