Bactericidal recirculator Aereks-professional 1000

Bactericidal recirculator Aereks-professional 1000


Overall dimensions, Aereks professional 1000 mm: 1600*760*390




In order to maximize the efficiency of air purification in industrial premises a special high-power recirculator Aereks-professional 1000 was developed. The increased power of the fan allows you to skip large volumes of air per unit of time and to achieve a high degree of its purification due to the increase amount of germicidal lamps up to 11 pcs. When the bacteria contact with ultraviolet radiation ionization and air purification occur. The design of the recirculator allows uninterrupted operation of lamps during long term. The housing of the recirculator is made of stainless steel and painted with a polymer coating and is resistant to disinfectant solutions. In the upper part the cover is installed for access to the lamps and the electrical components of the construction. Power consumption, VA, – no more than 800 / 1300. Number of germicidal lamps 30W- 6 / 11.


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