Hospital Tables

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How to get laboratory equipment tables at low price?

The PactoTrade industrial Group offer wide range of laboratory and medical equipments and tables at reasonable price. If you too wish to purchase a medical table or hospital equipment and apparatuses then you can visit our online store and make an order. You can even place an order if your need any variation in length, height as we provide customizable services too. The following guide enables you to go in the depth regarding the hospital tables and other related equipments.

Type of laboratory equipment tables

Anesthesiologist table SA – The overall dimension of the anesthesiologist table is 700*640*870-1270 in mm as l*d*h.  This hospital bed table is specially designed to accommodate medicines and tools necessary and essential for anesthesiologist during the surgeries. The tables are made using the metal profile, resistant to disinfectant and powder coated. The bottom of the table gets set on plastic wheel which allows setting up of upper work in convenient location for carrying manipulation and anesthesia procedures. The surface of the hospital table is made using the stainless steel.

Dental tables SS – The overall dimension of the dental table is 660*430*850 in mm as l*d*h and the self size is about 420*570 mm. The tables SS are widely being used in dental workplace so as to accommodate medications and tools that are carried out in dental procedures. The table has several features, it lacks in front rim on top shelf and allows user to manipulate with medications.

Rubber supporter get installed so as to provide stability to table. We can customize the table as per your need and requirement. The hospital table that we offer to the hospital and clinics are of high quality because we believe in provides a good and reliable product to the customers.

Instrumental table CP – The overall dimension of the Instrumental table CP is 620*540*920 in mm as l*d*h and the self size is about 420*535 mm. The instrumental table that we offer is completely welded with three plastic wheels, shelves and mounted section. We made the table in such a way that it can accommodate different tools and apparatuses in medical and research offices. The shelves are convenient that allows placing of all the necessary items and equipments in an optimal way and the doctor can use it anytime. You can buy a laboratory table from our online store at a reasonable price.

This is all about the hospital tables, for more you can visit to our official website and select equipment from top categories.