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Know what all hospital stands we offer

Do you wish to purchase a medical equipment roll stands for your medical institution or clinic? Our company has correctly being delivered high and excellent quality product from several years. The medical furniture made in our production cycles are well handed by skilled professionals and employees. We not only offer medical furniture but also various laboratory and hospital equipments that plays a crucial role in treatment of patient no matter what kind of medical condition they are suffering from. The following guide let you know more about the hospital stand.

Type of medical equipments

Carrier for constant-temperature bath PGP – The overall dimension of the constant temperature carrier bath is 620*600*825 in mm as l*d*h. The carrier PGP gets manufactured in a creative way that allows you to accommodate huge medical devices like constant-temperature bath, HSS, GP, and other sterilization and laboratory facilities. The carrier PGP frame is made using a metal profile which gets painted while using powder paint. It has two main shelves which get mounted on 4 supporting legs.

We offer you best quality medical furniture at considerable price. Moreover, you can visit our site and see wide range of medical stands and choice the product which suits your need best.

Carrier for dressing box – The overall dimension of the Carrier for dressing box is 520*450*1200 in mm as l*d*h. The carrier for dressing boxes are designed for convenient use of sterilization and easy placement of boxes KCK in treatment rooms, surgery during operation. For easy accessing of the medical furniture the carrier gets equipped with a movable platform level which allows easy opening of box and accessing of sterile tools throughout operations without using hands.

A level gets installed for this particular purpose at the very bottom of the carrier it gets open when doctor pressing it using his leg. Faster dressing gets regulated with any of the diameter box that is fixed firmly. The stand hospital gets stability with rubber supporters mounted on the carrier.

Carrier for one basin PT – The overall dimension of the Carrier for one basin PT is 450*450*1050 in mm as l*d*h. The carrier for one basin gets manufactured by using stainless steel basins in treatment rooms, and surgery during operations. The carrier frame is made using metal profile which gets painted using a white paint. The upper most part of carrier construction consists of basin basket whose height is adjustable. The can get it easily from medical drip stand for sale online stores with a diameter of about 300 mm.

Endoscopic stand – The overall dimension of the Endoscopic stand is 745*580*1340 in mm as l*d*h. The height of the endoscopic stand is 1000 mm. The medical stand of this kind are designed so as to store and dry elastic fiber endoscope in handy position which is recommended for using it in all research and medical institutions. The design of the stand can be customized as per need of customer. The medical drip stand price at our online store is low and is made using a high quality material.

Get the desired medical furniture for your clinic at reasonable price.