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How you can get best stadiometer at a low price?

If you are looking for cheap stadiometer for your hospital or clinic then now you can easily buy it from stadiometer for sale stores. Our company PactoTrade industrial Group manufactures and supplies all type of stadiometer starting from floor-mounted stadiometer till wall mounted stadiometer. We very well understand that with the increase in patient the demand of stadiometer is also getting increased. Therefore, our skilled and professionals have made several product apart from stadiometer so as to fulfill the demand of the market. The following guide entails everything about the product and made stadiometer buy an easy task.

High quality stadiometer with low stadiometer price

Floor-mounted stadiometer – The overall dimension of floor-mounted stadiometer is around 400*380*2170 in mm as l*d*h. The floor mounted stadiometer RP has been designed in such a way that it can be used to calculate growth of patients in standing or resting position. The ease of use and simplicity of mounted stadiometer makes it a best solution for apparatus of medical offices and hospital institutions. We manufacture stadiometer with a metal frame and powder coating so that the patient can rest their legs over a vertical metal rack.

Floor mounted stadiometer with scales – The best stadiometer with scales has an overall dimension of about 400*380*2170 in mm as l*d*h. The stadiometer with scales are designed in such a way that it can measure or calculate the weight and height of the patient while they are standing. The product gets put on a metal casing or framework and also it gets installed with a stage of upholstered in leatherette, and mobile level on an upright rack and, particleboard.

Beside the floor mounted stadiometer with scales patient weight can be established easily. We made them in such a way that you just have to raise the platform for easy accessing of it. The stadiometer gets equipped with both electronic and mechanical scales, the digital stadiometer price is low so as to provide customer with accurate results.

Stadiometer for children – The overall dimension of the stadiometer for children is around 800*460*95 mm as l*d*h. You can buy this mobile stadiometer that can be used in children office so as to measure or calculate their growth. The stadiometer are housing made with laminated chipboard and a movable stop also gets installed with it. On the stadiometer wall a fixed ruler gets attached that helps you to calculate child growth. The ease of use and simplicity of design offered by us will allow you to use it in a more creative way in your children hospital. Thus you can get a stadiometer cost of low range from our online store easily.

Stadiometer sitting standing RS – We offer you a stadiometer portable with overall dimension of about 400*380*2170 in mm as l*d*h. This kind of stadiometer are especially designed or manufactured to calculate growth of patient both in standing and sitting positions. The product is made using a metal frame with other platforms as particleboard upholstered for measuring patient growth in footing position and contains a reclining seat that measure growth while the patient is in sitting position. The stadiometer gets installed with 4 supporting legs for providing stability. Patient height gets calculated by mobile level on the rack. The stadiometer buy online has correctly fulfilled the demand of customers.

Wall mounted stadiometer RM – We sell wall mounted stadiometer at a reasonable price and of high quality with overall dimension of about 150*130*1660 in mm as l*d*h. The wall mounted stadiometer are designed to calculate patient growth or increment in standing position. This product consists of a vertical rank which gets attached to a wall of fixed altitude by means of 2 supporting arms. A movable mount also gets racked on the level to measure growth of the patient. We have installed a measuring scale from beginning of stadiometer at one meter distance. We also provide childcare facility at stadiometer near me stores.

Our company has earned reputation through reliable services in more than 10 countries. We have a powerful production base with good number of skilled employees who on early basis produce 200 serial products, equipments, and components. We are self accredited and offer customer post as well as warranty services. Get a stadiometer cheap online with high quality assurance and certificate.