Hospital Ward Screens

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Purchase assured quality hospital ward screen online

The PactoTrade Industrial Group manufacture best class hospital ward screens made using a finest and right kind of material that provides your clinic with maximum number of benefits. Our skilled employees hold several years of experience that very well how to satisfy the customer with assured quality products. The following guide contains types of panel screen offered by us with benefits of our services to your clinic.

Types of hospital ward screens

One section panel screen SHP – 1 – We provide panel screens, which have been widely used in beauty parlors and small medical offices as well as for hospital ward screen. The small workspace made by us ranges up to 750 mm. The panel screen composes of mounted plastic wheels of one section. The overall dimension of the one section panel screen is about 740*520*1810 mm as l*d*h. if your wish to buy a high quality and excellent panel screen then do buy it from us as you will get most of the benefits and a quality assured product.

Double section panel screen – The overall dimension of the one section panel screen is about 1480*520*1810 mm as l*d*h. The hospital ward screen are used for creating a difference work zones ranging up to 1.5 m and the simple and compact design of the screen allow installation of different sections at various angels with respect to each other. The double section panel screen gets connected together with mounted plastic wheels and metal hinges for providing utmost convenience. We charge low ward screen price and offer an excellent quality assured product to the customers.

Triple-section panel screen – The overall dimension of the one section panel screen is about 2220*520*1810 mm as l*d*h. we provide the hospital ward screen with optimal solution for allotment of large medical, cosmetic rooms and medium working areas. The triple section panel screen contains three important sections that are interconnected by plastic mounted wheels and metal hinges. The design of the section panel screen allows easy installation sections at different angles with respect to each other.


Your clinic or hospital will be benefited from our high quality creative ward screens created with special designing techniques so as to satisfy you with strategic hospital equipments. We offer you fully trusted strategic screens that let you communicate clearly while executing procedures. It will also improve not only your but also patient experience, visitors and outpatients.

We also manufacture hospital ward folding screen made with best quality material and certification of the product so that only high-class equipment reaches your door.