Neonatology Medical Furniture

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Do you wish to buy pediatric hospital cribs for your clinic? Then you have arrived at the correct place because our company PactoTrade Industrial Group offers all type of neonatology equipments. You can get all type of bed, crib and tables including changing table, functional children bed, and functional crib for infant of five year or under one year. Keep reading it to know more about the hospital neonatology equipment.

Types of equipment

Changing table CPL – The hospital changing tables CPL are designed so as to accommodate infants while carrying out inspection, sanitary treatment, swaddling and procedures of childbirth. They are also used in postpartum departments of hospitals, maternity homes and institutions. We generally offer a collapsible metal frame table which gets mounted on a plastic plug. Laminated chipboard at the upper part of the lying table gets made or mounted on top. The changing table is equipped with a lower shelf, straightedge in order to measure baby growth and a mattress. The table CPL has an overall dimension of about 980*770*960 (l*d*h) in mm.

Functional Children Bed for children of age five – We provide functional children bed for children of age five that are especially designed to lodge children in hospital and medical institutions. The Hospital bed is generally made using a metal profile with bed side rails which can be adjusted as per the desired height. The lying of hospital bed is adjustable and it can slope-up relative to the ground. Moreover, we provide hospital crib and low cost of hospital crib to the customers. For convenient movement of the hospital children bed it consists of wheels, also, the bed is equipped with mattress. The height of bed is around 570 mm and it has size as: length – 1170 and width- 580 in mm. The overall dimension of the bed is (l*d*h) 1380*700*1100 in mm.

Functional Crib (Alice type) – We also offer pediatric medical crib and adjustable hospital crib to the clinics who wishes to give utmost level of convenience to new born baby. The functional cribs are designed so as to accommodate infants and new born baby. The bed can also be used in birthing and hospital centers. The cot of the bed consists of frame with four wheels and a plastic bath. We provide finest frame constructed bed that allows user to adjust angles for the infant bath. The height of the bed is provided with couveuse wall that protects the infant from ingress of drafts. The frame material used to make the bed compose of steel with a white colored polymeric covering. Organic glass is used to make space for bath.

Functional Crib for children under one year – In additional to the above-mentioned crib we also offer hospital crib for newborn of high quality. The functional crib for children under one year is used for placing of infant with cardiovascular diseases, neuro-vascular diseases as well as children with trauma. The hospital newborn cribs are made of metal sheets and the lying of bed gets located on optimal range for manipulation. For providing convenience to the baby we have provided wheels that can be moved easily. Moreover, a high quality mattress is also equipped with it. The height of the crib from floor is 540 mm and the overall dimension is 1050*750*450 mm as l*d*h.

Physiotherapeutic irradiator aist type – Physiotherapeutic irradiators are designed to accommodate baby while carrying out inspection, swaddling, sanitary treatments and other procedures in postpartum departments and childbirth rooms. The table lying gets covered with vinyl leather padded with foam rubber. The child position can be adjusted by adjusting the inclination angle and the irradiators get mounted on 4 wheels.

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