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Do you wish to buy laboratory furniture for your clinic in United Kingdom? Then your dream can be easily fulfilled through the services of PactoTrade Industrial Group.  We sell all type of laboratory cabinets such a cabinet with safe, laboratory hood, laboratory table with drawers and other furniture too. Moreover, we offer the best quality products at an affordable price that can serve thoroughly to the customers easily. To know more about it keeps reading the article.

Type of laboratory furniture

Laboratory cabinet – The laboratory cabinet are designed for storing tools and various drugs in medical facilities and laboratories. The collapsible construction of the cabinet is made using metal panel which is painted with powder and has a glass. Metal shelves are also installed inside the cabinets. The doors can be closed with a locking mechanism. We offer numerous cabinet modifications at laboratory furniture for sale sites with univalve, bivalve and no safe options. The overall dimension of the laboratory cabinet is L*D*H- 500*460*1970.

Laboratory cabinet with safe – The laboratory cabinet with safe are designed for storing tools and various medical drugs in medical facilities and laboratories. The cabinets are of collapsible construction manufactured using the metal panels and the glass get placed at the door sections. We have reliably being offered modified cabinets from the past few years. You too can buy laboratory furniture online as per your requirement.

Laboratory Hood – The laboratory furniture company sell laboratory hood which are especially designed for tests and experiments in laboratories where secure protection from hazardous substance is necessary. The cabinet consists of transparent glass that allows user to control course of testing processes. The laboratory hoods are divided into two parts- upper working part and lower opening with two doors. An additional front panel is located which is situated with additional switches and outlets. The hood is equipped with laminated chipboard, and resistant to substances that are harmful.

Laboratory table with drawers – The laboratory tables are designed in such a way that it can be used for physical as well as chemical analysis in industrial enterprises. You can get laboratory furniture price of low range with best quality. It can also be used in research institutes, medical institutions and other industrial enterprises. You will get a right mixture of construction when ordering.

Laboratory table with locking file cabinets – The laboratory table with locking file cabinets are designed for physical and chemical analysis in medical institutions, industrial enterprises and research institutions. Not only this have had we offered a good range of table configurations with mixed construction work at an affordable price. The overall worktop height in mm is 850 and overall dimension of laboratory table with locking file cabinet in mm (l*d*h) is 1520*580*1280.

Laboratory table with upper superstructure – The Group of Companies of PACТO GROUP offers the laboratory furniture in Spain. You can order right away the wall mounted laboratory tables that are designed for chemical as well as physical examination in various industrial, medical and research institutions. You can get the table of your choice and that exactly falls into your budget. The worktop height of the table is around 850 mm and the overall dimension with assembly is around (l*d*h) 1520*580*1280.

Table without optional equipment – The table without optional equipment are equipped with numerous options of cabinet files- with drawers and doors. You can have the right table depending on the purpose you prefer to choose it and also according to your need.

Bivalve Medical grade cabinet’s breakfront with safe – These laboratory cabinets are designed to accommodate materials, dressing rooms, medicines in surgery rooms and tools in medical institutions. The clear wall supplied by the medical supply wall cabinet service provider is made with coated powder, metal profile, resistant with disinfectants solutions.

So, get the laboratory table or furniture of your choice from the above-mentioned company at good lab furniture cost.