Functional bed for supporting childbirth KFR

Functional bed for supporting childbirth KFR


Overall dimensions, mm: 2130*1000*1100

Trendelenburg 25 degrees (discrete); Anti Trendelenburg



Functional bed for carrying out childbirth КFR is designed to accommodate on it parturient women in delivery rooms in second and third latency period and immediately after childbirth. The bed is a transforming construction, which allows give the most comfortable position to parturient woman body. For convenience, in anticipation of childbirth the bed has a mattress that can easy removed during the transformation of the bed construction. The bed consists of a fixed section with handles for hand and foot rests, as well as a sliding panel. For the convenience of placing of parturient woman on the bed the metal stair is provided. Adjusting the angle of the back section is performed manually. All fastening parts of accessories have galvanic coating. Additionally, the bed can be equipped with an infusion stand. The fixed part is mounted on supports and two rollers, which makes the bed easy to move.


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