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The PactoTrade Industrial Group sells examination and procedure tables & chairs that are mainly used by specialists or experts in the urodynamics, gynecology and urology fields. Our medical enterprise is consider as the leading brand of the examination chairs and tables in the global market and best recognized for excellent quality of products. We provide the clients wide range of medical accessories used in urodynamic, urology/gynecological examination table, which can be customized after customer requirements. If your wish to purchase portable gynecology tables at affordable prices then read the article.

Types of gynecology examination table

Chair for childbirth – The childbirth chairs are designed in such a way that the child is delivered in sitting position. The chair frame is made using a metal profile, which is generally painted with white powder. The seat of the childbirth chair contains seamless upholstery with medical leather substitute. The customer can select the color of upholstery. The handles get attached to the chair for an easy location of the parturient woman. It is being mounted with four rubber supports. The overall dimension of the chair for childbirth is L*D*H- 720*720*480.

Functional bed for childbirth – The functional bed is used for carrying out childbirth and is manufactured so as to accommodate parturient woman in the delivery room with second or third period. The bed has a transforming construction that allows the patient to rest comfortably in right position. The bed consists of a mattress so as to provide convenience to the child and can be removed during transformation of the construction of bed. All the accessories along with fastening parts are coated with galvanic.

Gynecological armchair – The gynecological armchairs are used to conduct examinations, small surgical interventions in maternity and gynecological cabinets or departments. The single folding footstep has been pivoted mounted on the front bases. The footstep and armchair lying has medical leatherette upholstery. The armchair has inclination angle and height of the seat with plastic kneeboards. The backrest inclination angles can be adjusted mechanically up to 0-90 degrees. The gynecological table price is affordable.

Gynecological armchair with electric drive – The gynecological armchair with electrical drives are the most convenient and practical gynecological cabinet equipments, which enables carrying out, minor surgical interventions and procedures. The chair seat can be moved to a suitable position with the help of electrical drive and includes reverse trendelengburg. The chair gets equipped with stainless bowl, comfortable plastic kneeboard and control unit. The gynecological examination table price can be checked on the site.

Gynecological couch – The gynecological couch is used for carrying intrauterine irrigation along with protological procedures. The metal frame of the couch is coated with powder, with soft lying leather used for carrying procedures. They are equipped with standard and couple of stainless bowl and kneeboards. They are manufactured with trendelenburg with central sewer system.

Obstetrical bed for maternity – obstetric delivery bed is designed so as to accommodate the parturient woman in second and third latency periods after immediate childbirth. The bed gets equipped with rubbed wheels and sliding panel. The fixed part gets mounted on two roller and supporters. Get the obstetric bed prices at the site.

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