Hospital Couches and Banquettes

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Purchase couches and banquettes from medical examination couch for sale

Nowadays reputable and reliable enterprise such as PactoTrade Industrial Group sells medical quality products and equipment which are inexpensive and can be purchased easily. If you too wish to purchase banquettes and couch for the hospital bench or hospital sitting bench for your clinic then you can avail the services. This is so as we own a powerful production base with plenty of highly professional employees. They produce and sell more than 200 serial products, components, and equipment as per the need of the customers. Keep reading the article to know more about it.

Type of hospital couches bed and banquettes

Hospital couch bed – Couch benches are designed in such a manner that it can accommodate patients while he/she waits to see an expert or doctor. They are also used to perform simple medical procedures. The couch frames are made of coated stainless steel with paint-resistant substance to disinfection. The seats are flawlessly upholstered made with faux leather. A typical couch bench has an overall dimension as in mm: L*D*H- 1900*400*500.

Couch for hospital for ENT- ENT couches is designed such that it can accommodate patients while medical examination and execution of various procedures in offices of ENT. The couch has got a head support which is adjustable at a particular inclination to the floor. A typical overall dimension of ENT is L*D*H- 1900*580*550.

Banquette with backrest- The medical adjustable backrest is made such that three patients can wait till the doctor arrives. The banquette consists of a colored metal frame with a soft seat and a backrest stand. The metal handles of the banquette can be installed with lateral parts. The banquette is treated with a disinfected solution. The typical medical backrest has overall dimension as L*D*H- 1390*460*900.

Couch for flushing intestines- The couch for flushing intestines are designed such that it can be used to carry the procedure of flushing intestines above the toilet. A welded steel construction powdered coating is made for couch frame. They are equipped with stainless alloy basin that can be used to discharge the central sewer systems. The typical Couch for flushing intestines has overall dimension as L*D*H- 1900*870*730.

Double medical supplies backrest The double banquettes are manufactured so as to accommodate two patients while coming up with the doctors. The frame of the double banquette is made using a steel profile pipe, onto which upholstered seat gets installed. The treatments of the patients get allowed with disinfection solutions. The typical Double banquette has overall dimension as L*D*H- 800*380*420.

Medical supply couch for physiotherapy- The physiotherapy couches come with adaptable head support especially manufactured to accommodate patients at hospital examination and execution of various medical procedures. The peculiarity of the product is such that its frame is made using timber that eliminates action of structural elements during physiotherapeutic procedures. The typical Couch for physiotherapy has overall dimension as L*D*H- 1900*580*620.

Hospital bed bench Dressing Table – The dressing tables are manufactured for providing utmost comfort placement of patients while dressing or surgical cabinets along with various procedures. The dressing table is designed using a metal profile with the white powdered coating. The Dressing Table has an overall dimension as L*D*H- 1900*600*900.

Massage Couch with electric drives- The massage couch with electric drives is designed to accommodate a patient for medical examination, various procedures, and massage. They are made using profile pipe that lies over a soft bed and the bed is adjustable performed by an electric drive. The typical Couch for physiotherapy has overall dimension as L*D*H- 2000*740*600-860.

Other than these products you can buy a Hand operated massage couch, Massage couch, Massage rollers, Special massage table, Triple banquette, benches for hospitals, and wooden massage table. The pacto group has self-accredited centers and laboratories with post-warranty and warranty medical couch manufacturers services.