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What are the different features of carts that you should know?

When it comes to the medical industry there is no word like a compromise. And why would be? It is the life of a human being that is on stake and in that scenario; you will like to use only the best types of equipment and tools for curing them. One such important part of this whole infrastructure is emergency mobile medical cart for various purposes. Though their mechanism may be very easy and simple but has life-saving uses. We provide a wide variety of such products that can be sued by various medical institutes, dispensaries and hospitals for giving the best care to their patients. Below is the list of products in the category of the mobile medical cart which we sell.

  • Anatomical cart Tap- as the name suggests you must have identified that these large medical carts are used for shifting the corpses to anatomical departments and to any other place if required. Stainless steel is used for the manufacturing of this cart as to avoid the damage to corpses from the environment or any other substance. This cart comes in the dimension of 2100x670x830 mm which makes it useful for multipurpose.
  • Cart for dirty and clean laundry TGB- this cart is used for the transportation of dirty clothes and another laundry from the patient’s bed to the cleaning area. This hospital trolley is a must for every big and small hospital so that cleanliness can be maintained. This cart is made from metal profiles and comes with a powdered layer of metal so that extra cleanliness can be ensured. Even the mesh and compartment distribution are made from either net or metal partition. The dimensions of this cart are 1380x540x925 mm and can also be adjusted to other variants as per your need.
  • Carts for drums transportation TKSK– the purpose of this cart is to transport medicines, sterilization, and other medical tools to different sections of the hospital. This hospital movable trolley is important so that there is human contact prior to the use of those types of equipment. The distribution of this cart is made in such a way that there are different compartments which can be used to store and move different products in a hassle-free manner. The dimensions of this cart are 940x540x940 mm but we are open to taking orders in any other size requirements as per your need.
  • Cart for transportation of the patient with height adjustment TPBR– this is one of the most used hospital grade trolleys that is available in every hospital no matter big or small. These carts are used in facilities like x-ray, medical departments, hospital wards, transportation of patients to patients and many more. The complete cart is made from the best quality of steel and is adjustable with height and in other dimensions. They can even be adjusted with angular position and head restraint is carried out automatically. Other variants with more and fewer features are available for this cart type.

All these are just a few of the best medical carts that are sold by us to meet every small and big requirement of our clients. The list of other products can be browsed through our official website, which will also guide you with the price range and other services that are provided by us. We ensure that just like you do not compromise in taking care of patients we ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of these products.

When you will deal with us you will only get the best and certified products at most affordable prices. If you have any queries regarding the products you can drop your queries on our website. We even provide products on single order, altered designs and products as per your need and many more. Do not wait and purchase best medical carts from us today.