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Do you want to purchase a Traumatological stationary bed or Triple sectional functional bed for your clinic? Then you have arrived at the right place because you will get to know what all bed types online medical stores provide to their customers. The online stores provide such hospital beds that stand up straight away and can be used to treat or aid patients. Given below are some of the medical bed types offered by the online stores.

Types of Medical equipment hospital beds:

Double section mattresses- Double section Hospital bed mattress is manufactured with medical leatherette resistant along with disinfect solution. The soft foam filling of mattress is available with auxiliary materials. A special disinfectant coating is applied at the time of manufacturing mattress that is used to enable air flow and reduce harmful effect of ventilation lacks for patient body. The typical length-width-height is 1900*750*80.

Four section mattresses– The mattresses of four sections are designed using the medical leatherette resistance with solutions and auxiliary materials. Manufacturing of MD4 with the help of disinfectant coating allows reduction of harmful effects of be short of ventilation and air flow. The typical four section mattress has length-width-height of around 1900*750*80.

Single section mattresses- The single section mattresses are specially designed that can be used with medical beds with no functional sections. Just like the above mentioned mattresses it is also made using medical leatherette with disinfectant solution, and is generally soft foamed auxiliary materials. Reduction of toxic effect of airing lacks and proper air flow for patient body with breathable MD 1 is possible.

Triple section mattresses with disinfectant coating- Just like the other mattresses these mattresses are made with same kind of material. The only difference is that it is a triple section mattress that implies it has three sections. The dimensions are also similar to that of the other mattresses.

Double-section functional bed– A double section Hospital bed is designed in such a way that it provides maximum comfort that can be stayed with the patient in outpatient treatment and hospital wards. The bed lying consists of movable head section and fixed food section with sheet metal that allows patient to rest conveniently and appropriately on the bed. Additionally, the bed is customized with double section mattresses made of medical leatherette, Gus type devices, side rails and stand for urinal.

Bed for tolerant with neuro-psychic diseases- Bed with tolerant with neuro-psychic disease are designed for the mental patients in psychoneurological hospitals and psychiatric hospitals. They are also place in drug rehabilitation centre. The bed is manufactured using a sturdy metal profile and polymer powdered coated material. The bed consists of belt an anchorage that holds the patient tight from chest and level of feet and hands as well.

Medical stationary functional bed– These hospital beds type are intended for placing patient with traumatized as well as disease. The construction of bed is collapsible made with thick walled profile pipe providing it with strength. They are controlled by twisting the handles and also through two mechanical drives.

These are some of the bed type’s online suppliers and manufacturers offer to their clients at low price.