Medical Furniture

Types of medical clinic furniture for sale provided by the famous online stores

Are you searching for medical furniture Spain for your hospital or clinic? Nowadays many medical online stores provide their client with clinic lab furniture and bed that not only provides patient full comfortable but can also be purchased at a reasonable price. Given below are some of the furniture types offered by the most trusted and famous suppliers and manufacturers.

What medical furniture distributor distribute?

Hospital beds and mattresses– The hospital mattresses and bed lists consist of the double section, four sections, single section, and triple section mattress with disinfectants coating. The medical bed table supplier manufacture a bed for a patient with the neuro-psychic disease, double section functional bed KF, medical stationary functional bed, medical stationary bed KF and traumatological stationary bed KST.

Hospital bedstand- The hospital bedstand list consists of bedstand from chipboard and bedstand TP-1

Veterinary furniture- The veterinary clinic furniture equipment list consists of the veterinary dressing table and veterinary surgical table.

Medical cart- The clinical room furniture with medical cart list consists of anatomical cart TAP, cart for clean laundry and dirty TGB, cart for drum transportation, cart for food transportation, cart for transportation of patients with handrails and cart for transportation of stainless steel.

Medical chairs- The medical chair lists consists of mobile screw chair, mobile screw chair with footrest and backrest, Otorhinolaryngological armchair, screw chair, mobile screw chair with a backrest, sorption armchair.

Medical cabinet- The medical cabinet list consists of bivalve medical cabinet with safe, hinged aid kit, bivalve medical cabinet, and univalve medical and univalve cabinet with safe SHM-1S.

Hospital couches and banquettes– The banquettes and hospital couches list consists of banquette with backrest, couch bench, couch for ENT procedures, couch for physiotherapy, double banquette MB, couch for intestines flushing, dressing table, massage couch with electric drive, and massage rollers.

Laboratory furniture- The clinical laboratory furniture equipment list consists of Barany armchair, commode chair, cosmetological armchair, donor chair with armrest, massage chair, mobile screw chair, mobile screw chair with footrest and backrest and mobile screw chair SV-P.

Gynecological examination tables and obstetrical beds- The obstetrical beds and gynecological examination table list consists of the chair for childbirth, gynecological armchair, functional bed for supporting childbirth, Gynecological couch and obstetrical bed for maternity obstetric.

Neonatology medical furniture–  The neonatology medical furniture includes changing table, functional crib, functional children bed, functional crib for children under 1 year, and physiotherapeutic irradiator list type.

Hospital ward screens- The hospital ward screens list consists of double section, single section, and triple section panel screens.

Stadiometers- The stadiometers list consists of floor mounted stadiometer, stadiometer for children, floor mounted stadiometer with scales, stadiometer sitting standings, and wall-mounted stadiometer.

Medical stands- The medical stand list consists of the carrier for constant temperature bath, a carrier for dressing box, a carrier for one basin, carrier for two basins, endoscopic stands, and laparoscopic stands.

Hospital tables– The hospital tables list consists of anesthesiologist table, dental table, instrumental table, manipulating table, nurse table SMS, Overbed table, side table, special instrumental table, and table for surgery on hand SDR.

The hospital tripods- the hospital tripods list consists of folding tripod for continuous, mobile tripod for irradiator, mobile tripod for infusion, stationary tripod for continuous infusion, universal tripod for infusion, and tripod for infusion SHDV.

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