Hospital Equipment

The Group of Companies of PACТO GROUP formed in 1998. Thereafter an enterprise earned reputation of reliable partner and producer of quality inexpensive equipment in 10 countries.
PACTO GROUP has its own powerful production base with a complete closed production cycle and plenty of highly skilled employees. The enterprise produces more than 200 names of serial products, and also equipment, components and details on the individual sketches of customer.
The Group of Companies PACTO GROUP has its own accredited service center and laboratory, carries out warranty and post-warranty service. An enterprise has many national rewards, such as “Industry Leader”, “Exporter of the Year” and “Company of the Year”. More than 40 kinds of products have a reward the “100 best goods”.
PACTO GROUP also has quality certificates in more than 10 countries, including the European Union.

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Company Pacto Trade Industrial Group is a manufacturer of medical furniture and equipment. We work with the highest quality material, use advanced technologies, correspond the highest standards and work with the most advanced equipment.
Our plant conform the requirements of the quality management system ISO 13485: 2003, as well as the quality management requirements in accordance with ISO 13485: 2015.All above information is presented in the project and successfully implemented at the plant:
– Our production is equipped with the most modern equipment
– Archives with lines of released products
– Manufacture of products is carried out by highly qualified employees.

Purchase hospital bed and supplies for your clinic

Today, medical device companies are producing and manufacturing more than 10 types of hospital beds and other medical devices so as to fulfill the needs and demands of hospital equipment manufacturing company. The selections of appropriate or correct medical equipments are always important and depend on regional, local and national requirements. If you have a medical clinic in the United Kingdom and wish to buy medical equipment then this article seems to be highly helpful to you. Consideration of type of health care facility mainly depends on the device or equipment to be used and also on the health workforce that is available in the specific catchment area.

Before you buy the medical equipment online there are few things to be kept in mind and in order to build a solid base given below are types of equipment or products. They are designed especially aid in diagnosis, treatment of critical conditions and monitoring of patients health.

Types of medical devices Barcelona:

Basically, there are several types of equipment which are mentioned below-

  • Diagnostic equipment includes imaging machines that are used to aid. For examples: the CT and PET scanners, ultrasound x-ray and the MRI machines.
  • The treatment equipment includes medical lasers, infusion pumps, and LASIK surgical machines.
  • Life-saving equipments that are used to maintain the functioning of the patient body properly.
  • Medical monitors that allow hospital staff to measure and see patient’s health state. The monitors can even measure parameters such as blood pressure, ECG, EEG and vital signs of the patient.
  • Hospital medical apparatus or equipment by the hospital equipment manufacturers automates and helps to analyze urine, dissolved gases in the blood, blood, and genes.
  • Diagnostic medical device components are used at home for a definite purpose such as equipment used to control diabetes mellitus.
  • Therapeutic- physical therapy machines are used to aid and some of the known therapeutic is CPM or continuous passive range of motion machines.

A BMET or biomedical equipment technician is a crucial component of the health delivery systems. They are primarily employed at the hospitals; BMET is a person responsible for maintenance of medical facility equipment. They mainly perform as an interface such as between equipment and doctor.

Hospital medical apparatus:

The top medical equipment companies provide all type of durable medical equipment and the medical equipment. The next paragraph covers all the home medical and durable equipment, have a glance over it so as to determine which equipment you need at the clinic.

Home medical equipment:

Hospital bed

A hospital cot or hospital bed is a type of bed that looks just like the normal bed but it is designed especially for hospitalized patients who need a special treatment or form of healthcare. These beds are said to have a special feature both for patient’s well-being as all well as for the comfort. It is also convenient for the health care workers. Some of the common features of it are adjustable side rails, the feet, the head; height of the entire bed can be adjusted, electronic buttons which can be operated easily both for nearby electronic devices and the bed.

Hospital beds and similar type of cot like nursing care bed is not only used for treatment at hospitals but can also be used in other facilities and settings like outpatient clinics, home health care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The hospital bed actually refers to the simple bed but the term bed can also be used to describe capacity for a digit of patients at the setting or facility and amount of space required in a healthcare facility is measures in beds. The hospital equipment manufacturing company makes use of some modern features such as the wheels that enable movement of bed very easy, elevation used to raise or lower the bed head, height, and feet, side rails are also used t lower or raise the bed and protect the patient.

Other features may include tilting used to tilt the bed at 15-30 degrees on both the sides; bed exit alarm consists of pressure pad in the mattress with an audible alert when the patient places a weight over it.


Wheelchairs look like the normal chairs but are manufactured by the medical equipment sales companies with special features for those who find difficulty in walking and disable patients. They are available in a wide variety depending on the specific needs or requirements of the users. They include individualized controls, specialized seating adaptins and chairs for specific activities particularly seen with beach and sports wheelchairs.

The medical equipment store is equipped with most widely recognized powered wheelchairs provided with batteries propulsion and motors and can be operated manually. You can see a wide variety of wheelchairs at the online stores only difference in mechanisms of controls, propulsion methods, and technology used. The medical equipment online stores offer innovative wheelchairs in the industry at an accessible price. Some of the types of wheelchairs are Manual self-propelled, manual attendant-propelled, powered wheelchair, mobility scooters, single-arm wheelchair, titling and reclining wheelchairs and standing wheelchairs.


A walker is also known as a walking frame which is a tool specially designed for disabled or senior citizens who require additional support for maintenance of balance and remain stable while they walk. In the United Kingdom, walker is called as zimmer frame manufacturer for joint replacement parts and other devices. The basic design of walker is kept in such a way that the frame is of lightweight and is about waist high around 12-30 inches slightly wider and deeper than the user.

The modern walkers are set at an elevation which is comfortable for the patient and the height can be adjusted as per the need. The patient usually bends slightly while walking with a walker so as to maintain a proper circulation of blood through their arms. The front walker leg could be attached with no wheels as per the ability and strength of the person.

The medical equipment website also provides a walker can hybrid and rollators to the customers.

Apart from this equipment the online medical websites also provide other equipment that can be known by visiting their official website. The hospital equipment suppliers are obligated to execute certain functions when selling medical equipment online. These may include:

  • Proper setup and delivery of the equipment
  • Ensuring the environment to be safe and suitable for proper use of the apparatus or equipment
  • Training family, caregivers, and patient on the use of medical equipment and its maintenance
  • Informing caregivers and patients of their responsibilities and rights

Medical equipment catalog:

The medical equipment catalog includes the products medication details as well as the type of equipment offered by the hospital equipment manufacturers. Given below are some of the products listed in the catalog-

Medical furniture- manufacturer of medical furniture plays an important role in providing hospitals with the finest furniture and hospital bedroom equipment. A well designed and produced furniture will enable the surgeon to perform critical surgery in a way that safeguards the patient from complications. The branded hospital bed and furniture’s are produced and designed keeping utmost safety and multitude of functions and applications in mind. Some of the furniture types are mentioned below-

Veterinary furniture- this may include a veterinary dressing table and veterinary surgical table SOV

Hospital mattresses and bed- it consists of a double section, four-section, single section, triple-section, bed for the patient and double section functional bed mattresses. The beds are medical stationary functional, traumatological stationary and triple section functional bed.

Hospital bedstand- It includes bedstand from chipboard, bedstand TP-1

Medical cabinet- it includes bivalve medical, hinged aid kit, Univalve medical and medical cabinets

Medical chairs- it includes barony armchair, commode chair, cosmetological armchair, donor chair with armrests and massage chair

Medical cart- this may include anatomical cart, cart for drums transportation, cart for clean laundry and dirt, cart for food transportation and cylinder trucks

Laboratory furniture- it includes laboratory cabinet, laboratory cabinets, laboratory hoods, laboratory table and other laboratory furniture.

Sterilization equipment- This includes bactericidal irradiators, bactericidal irradiators-OBN 150 MP, bactericidal recirculator aereks, electric water distillers, electrode water distillers and mercury quartz irradiators.

Medical bags- This category includes backpack for field hospitals and rescue officers, bag SUM, bag SUL, bag SUT, bag SUSL, bag SUSHD, bag-packing for resuscitators, bag-refrigerator, and a case for medications and storage also handbag for an ambulance.

The medical equipment sales companies engage in the manufacturing of laboratory equipment, making of details, medical, and components for trade, heating, industrial enterprises and on request.

The medical equipment sales companies consist of a team of professionals who are not only trustworthy but also reliable. The popular and famous medical devices Barcelona stores have more than 5K dealers and customers with high quality of products that can be manufactured on their full production cycle as the professionals hold several years of experience. The online medical stores provide permanent and technical post-warranty and technical support warranty with flexible discounts and volume range.

Services of distributor’s hospital equipment:

Individual orders- the supplier manufacture orders from various materials, sizes and designs in medical equipment sales.

Service center- provides post warranty and warranty services, they also offer a flexible system of optimal prices and discounts.

Product quality- The best supplier is known for distributing high-quality products that are confirmed by certificates according to the European requirements. The production gets equipped with the latest technology which allows production of high quality and finest products in less time. The medical lab equipment for sale companies is obliged for its work, beginning with order acceptance, consulting of requested products and quality shipment as well as guaranteeing quicks and services.

Delivery- The medical devices for sale online stores are the fastest service providers that deliver the product on an accurate time for customers. They also provide an option of self-delivery from their warehouse.

If you wish to buy medical equipment or apparatus or hospital bedroom equipment then straight away go the online websites.